Sapere Aude Magazine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are an online magazine about psychoanalysis, mental health, philosophy, brain sciences, politics, and arts.

Our main goal is to raise awareness around the topics of mental health but also, to use psychoanalysis as the main tool or lens to present or explain different issues. We publish articles, essays, interviews, fiction, and nonfiction. 

Our aim is to present psychoanalysis in a new, fresh way, especially for young people (including academia) and get them interested in it. We hope to be an inspiring space full of stimulating ideas for self-analysis.

To be short, we are interested in everything (because almost everything could be explained or connected to psychoanalysis or at least the human psyche, psychological struggles, etc.) but we want to present these issues using psychoanalysis. We think this is important in our chaotic, fast-changing world. We want to encourage thinking in the broad sense, within and outside the frames of ideology.

Please note, that for now, unfortunately, we can not pay for texts. 

Mostly, we publish online but your work may also appear in our annual print version.

Sapere Aude Magazine