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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are looking for texts from professionals in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, medicine, culture, sociology, politics, etc. Our priority is to create very reliable content by professionals that anyone can access for free. 

But also, we are of course open to unsolicited submissions from writers and anyone who would be willing to submit and has something to say about these topics. 

One of the most important sections for us is "memoirs", where we publishing beautifully written real stories by people who are struggling with mental illness, sickness, love, divorce, break-up, loss, or any kind of pain. We want to create a very honest space filled with raw stories that people could relate to. We want to encourage thinking in the broad sense, within and outside the frames of ideology. 

For our print versions, we accept fiction and flash fiction submissions. 

We are open to general submissions for the online version of the magazine all year. Submit to:

We also publish print versions, which are always themed. If you want to be considered for the print version, make sure to read the guidelines, the theme and to submit to the right section. 

Of course, it would be a huge plus if you would write the text (in any of our categories) in the context of psychoanalysis or connect certain parts of the text to psychoanalysis, or at least explain different events and phenomenons with psychoanalysis. But this is not obligatory. 

We ask for a small fee for submissions (mostly for the print version), which will help us maintain the expenses, but it is not obligatory - you can choose to help us if you want to and can, but if not, no problem- simply submit to:

Alternatively, you could also send the texts/submissions to our postal address: ‚Äč

Pappelallee 78/79
10437 Berlin

(if you're submitting the text to our email address or sending it to our postal address, please make sure to read the guidelines below and only submit within our categories. Please include the category in the subject line of an email or mention it on the envelope (for example, if you are submitting fiction, write "fiction submission" in the subject line or on the paper).

Please note that for now, unfortunately, we can not pay for texts. 

Sapere Aude Magazine